The terrifying AGHORI sadhus of INDIA…

Who are the Aghoris?

The Aghori are a small group of ascetic Shaiva sadhus based in Uttar Pradesh, India. They engage in post-mortem rituals. They often dwell in charnel grounds, smear cremation ashes on their bodies, and use bones from human corpses for crafting kapalas (skull cups which Shiva and other Hindu deities are often iconically depicted holding or using) and jewellery

Is there any Ahori path?

Definitely there is, still a very active spiritual process. A recently dead body has certain possibilities, so certain system use that. If you really want to see raising the dead and that kind of stuff, these are the people.

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What Aghori Sadhana is like?

Ahori means “ghora” which is beyond terrible. People use various substances to do many different things. so, what they are doing is -there is still life in the body that is dead.

They are sitting there – if you go there to Manikarnika and Harishchandra Ghat in Varanasi, Uttarpradesh district of India, aghoris will be sitting there , watching Everybody who will come, they enquire “How old is this person? How did he die? ” That’s why some of them who don’t want that to known, they are covering with plastic sheets, where people can’t see,But agoris want to know.if it’s a young person somebody who was vibrant life and for some reason he died they want that kind. When that happens, they want to do work there. They want to make use of the energy that’s is released. Once the dead body begins to burn, the energy has to exist immediately. when that exits, they want to make use of that life energy to do something with themselves. If you guys don’t know the science of that , you can’t just think it’s all bizarre. Yes it’s an extreme way of doing things, it’s not for every body. it’s a very crude technology. If you want to look at all system of spirituality as a technology, it’s a very crude technology, but still a technology.

Why should somebody choose such a way of life?

because they don’t see life as good or bad, they just see life as a possibility towards the ultimate. They don’t care how; they don’t care how they get there.

Ahora has never been socially acceptable kind of path because the things that they do are totally beyond anything that you would imagine.

so these paths are generally taken more than spiritual dimension to acquire occult powers, that’s why they go on that path. But most people may not get there because most people don’t have that kind of perseverance , or not do they have that kind of courage, nor are they capable of handling disgust, because you have to do most disgusting things in aghori path. But they are done by people who want acquire certain powers, to dominate life, to dominate other human beings.


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How aghori make dead bodies walk? 💀

The corpses walk in tantric rituals!

when somebody dies or when somebody is certified dead by a doctor, he is not completely dead. Up to 5 to 7 minutes it’s behaving as if it’s alive and then falls dead, exhausts itself. So it’s based on this when somebody dies, there are rituals in India ; upto 14 days there are various kind of rituals.


Perhaps the most important of the Aghori rituals is Shav Putra, an incredibly private ceremony.  In order to complete it, they must find human corpses.  These are hard to find in Varanasi as nearly everyone is cremated.  Some families in Varanasi, cannot afford to be cremated so instead they will put the bodies in the Ganges. 

So, the Aghori monks literally ‘fish’ them out.  When they find a body they meditate on it, chop the head off (because it holds the most energy) and then in some Aghoris practices they eat the flesh. This is why the Aghori tribe are known as the Indian cannibals.

They believe that they can’t please God if they don’t do this human sacrifice.  They keep the skull of the corpse as a reminder of the impermanence of life.  They believe that all their acts and rituals, including cannibalism, are done in pursuit of spiritual liberation.

The Aghoris have their own lifestyle and beliefs that are seen as evil and taboo amongst Hindus.  This why most of the locals stay right away from them.  They are believed.

Mantras and Marijuana

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No Aghora would ever abstain himself from smoking Marijuana because they believe it is marijuana that helps them concentrate on religious mantras and the strenuous yogic practices they perform by routine. In spite of being under the effect of marijuana all the time they appear very sober and calm. When asked by curious visitors that whether they consume weed for pleasure, they abruptly deny the assertion. The delusion and hallucinations provided by weeds are taken as religious ecstasies and heightened spiritual experiences.


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Mysterious medicines

To the surprise and awe of the scientists all over the world, The Aghoras claim they have medicines that can treat some of the most stubborn diseases. These medicines called ‘human oils’ come from burning the human body collected from the burning pyre. The babas claim that these medicines are very effective on curing all the diseases but are not used in modern medicine due to ethical considerations. However, the authenticity of their claim has never been tried and tested by the scientific community.

Tantric powers and Black magic

The healing powers of Aghori Sadhus are said to come from their expertise in Black magic. What they say about these practices is that they never use their powers for harmful deeds. Instead they absorb the diseases that plague the victims who visit them into their bodies and eliminate the diseases by burning them using Black magic. Certain Aghori who intensely practice Black magic say the more they please Lord Shiva and goddess Kali, the more they gain powers.

Do You want to meet with a Aghori? Sorry Sorry, Don’t worry, I’m just kidding!!!!

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