Magnificent beauty Of Lady of Keylong.

Lady of Keylong, a less popular peak is located in the harsh and arid atmospheres of Lahoul and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, 🇮🇳 India. It was named Lady of Keylong after a British Lady Elashainghday during British rule. Later Geological Survey of India also recorded it as the “Lady of Keylong”. Thus the name Lady of Keylong might have known to the world. But actually the mountain looks alike its name suggests, remaining covered with snow almost the year.

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However the dark patches of rock in middle of the mountain remain uncovered. These rocky patches resemble a figure of a lady as walking with a load on her back.

The Lady of Keylong is a technical peak mixed with all sorts of climbing experiences. The route consists of few campsites but the terrain is strenuous and challenging accompanied by severe weather conditions and high altitudes. The approach starts from driving to Tinoo village a few KM’s far from Keylong. It is a beautiful village surrounded by varied foliage and vegetable fields juniper trees etc.

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You have to will cross the river and climb toward northern flank of the Tinoo village over steep route of scree. After hours of climb you will reach at Base camp and is surrounded by boulders highland vegetation’s on a reasonable slope.You will transfer all the equipment’s and edibles to the base camps and further on to the higher camp. The acclimatization process will roll on as we ferry loads up and down until summit camp is achieved. At initial steep climb remains consistent till the first high exposure section of gully, a region demanding quick maneuver.

The gully is mixed of loose rocks hard snow and ice and a rock wall marking the end of the passage. The route ahead includes miles of moraine glacier waterfall and ice wall to negotiate. Soon climb reaches to a point of steep glacier which has scree embedded in ice, a peculiar feature to overcome. This section of steep ice wall is excessively strength demanding. As getting near to the summit camp another treacherous climb on the boulders piled up on the short steep slope of glacier lay ahead. Then you will reach at summit camp located on vast glacier and establish it on flatter zone. A huge section of numerous open crevasses lay aside the campsite. The glacier continues toward south increasing gradient till the skyline showed the highest point of Mt. Lady of Keylong. The peak can be seen clearly from the summit camp at 5200m.

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Now the zero hour arrives and you will need to check your equipment’s edibles then attack the summit in the middle of the night. At first gradient rises on icy surface and the hump which was seen from the summit camp needs to be traversed. Ahead deep craters and crevasses remain wide open to the unknown depth. We will climb hump over hump over icy slopes that appeared frequently between ice and snow. Finally you will make it to the summit heightening about 6061m. A top one can see to the north Mt. Gangstang adjoining with a number of unnamed peaks and glaciers toward west Mt. Hanuman Tibba, Mt. Makarbeh, Mt. Shikarbeh, Mt. Ghepan, toward east was the horizon of Spiti valley. You will return back to the summit camp wind up all the stuff and climb down to the base. Finally return back to keylong and back to home. 

Try to visit Keylong before you die!

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