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4000 Years old India’s Burial Site, Who were warriors of Sanauli?

Where is Sanauli?

The Sinauli excavation site is an archaeological site located in Sinauli, western Uttar Pradesh, India, at the Ganga-Yamuna Doab.The site gained attention for its Bronze Age solid-disk wheel carts, found in 2018, which were interpreted by some as horse-pulled.

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When excavation was Conducted?

The excavations in Sinauli were conducted by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in 2005-06 and in mid-2018. The remains found in 2005-06 season, the “Sanauli cemetery”, belong to the Late Bronze Age, and were ascribed by excavation director Sharma to the Harappan Civilisation, though a Late Harappan Phase or post-Harappan identification is more likely.

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Sanuli Excvation 1st:

  1. The excavations first began in 2005 and within a year 116 burial sites were discovered. Due to this, it was referred to as one of India’s largest known necropolis in the Chalcolithic period.
  2. The burial sites are different from Indus Valley Civilization. The coffins are 4 legged and the tombs had underground chambers. 
  3. In the tombs are found systematically arranged vases, bowls and pots near the body. 
  4. There is rice found in those pots buried along with the bodies of the troops 
  5. In one coffin upon excavation, 8 anthropomorphic figures (something that looks like humans) were found on it. 
  6. One thing that is extraordinary is that the burials were similar to vedic culture and not Indus Valley culture
  7. Impressions of cloth to wrap the bodies suggests purification of corpses like those practiced in Hindu customs today.

Sanuli Excavation 2nd:

It came into light again in 2018 when a farmer reported to have found antiquities in the land while ploughing the field. As per Hindustan Times report, the farmer found pieces of copper in the ground after which the ASI came into action. 

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  1. After reporting of copper antiques, the ASI started the dig. 
  2. They found horse drawn chariots which were almost 5000 years old. The chariots found have a fixed ankle linked through a long pole to a small yoke. This ankle, chassis and wheel shows similarity to the modern chariots. These chariots are thought to have been drawn by animals, preferably horses.  
  3. Many weapons like copper antenna swords, war shields etc were found
  4. They also found wooden for legged coffins this time along with pottery. 
  5. Also a whip to indicate to the animals has been found, which means the tribe that lived here controlled the animals 
  6. Along with the male warriors, female warriors have also been found buried with their swords. 
  7. However their legs around ankles had been removed before they were buried. 
  8. The region is expected to be fertile and suitable for agriculture. The excavation hints at a large kingdom’s existence here. 

Carbon Dating of the objects found in Sanuli:

  1. Once the carbon dating of the objects was done they were found to be 3800 years old. This means the civilization was alive in 1800 BC. 
  2. The process of carbon dating was done in the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences in Lucknow. The technique used was C-14 dating technique. 
  3. The human remains were inspected by the Deccan College, Pune and a lab in Hyderabad conducted the DNA research. 

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