Hide and Seek Beach of India!

In the state of Odisha, near Balasore Village in the small town of Chandipur, Chandipur Beach is a secluded place shrouded in mystery. It’s unique because the sea water periodically disappears right in front of your eyes, then reappears after some time.The beach is about 16 km from Balasore and has been listed by Lonely Planet (world’s renowned travel expert) as one of world’s most unusual beaches.

1)   It’s magic! It’s magic!

The Chandipur coast has attained global popularity for its ‘Vanishing Sea’ phenomenon. Here one can literally see the sea disappear (read recede) by almost 5 to 6 kilometres everyday during low tide and then comes back at high tide. This rare event occurs twice a day.

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2)   A Walk to Remember

The receding waters at low tide offer an excellent opportunity to walk into the sea, ride a bike or even drive a car! The exciting prospect of venturing fearlessly into the seabed attracts a lot of curious visitors to this beach.

 3) Succulent Seafood

Chandipur is famous for its seafood – specially the prawns and pomfrets. So the next time you’re there, don’t forget to try some mouthwatering Odia-style fried prawns and pomfret in one of the small beach shacks.

4)   Picturesque and Unexplored

Sand dunes, rocky coasts and verdant Casuarina trees make Chandipur one of the most spectacular seashores, lending the beach an air of romance and idyll. Unlike the bustling and more popular Puri beach, Chandipur is a relatively unexplored coastline. Relaxing on a tranquil patch of sand and watching the sea recede and advance with the tides is a delightful experience.

5)   Home to Biodiversity

Chandipur is home to a wide range of biodiversity. Apart from a variety of fish species, the rare Horseshoe crab and tiny red crabs are often spotted on the beach

6)   Integrated Test Range (ITR) of the Indian Army

A portion of the beach, under the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), is the ITR of the Indian Army. Akash, Shaurya, Agni and Prithvi ballistic missiles have been launched from here. A scenic beach and missile launch site make for a unique combination.

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